about UUIN

UUIN由三位設計師於2015年在台北所創立,品牌源自團隊夥伴的姓氏,擁有30年業界資歷高級女裝設計師 Andrea Liu、知名演唱會服裝設計師 Tzutsao Liu、創新機能服飾設計師 Van Lin 所組成。擷取部份音節而來的合併字,如同每一位夥伴貢獻出最擅長的部份,互相補足與激盪而成,進而傳達一種極具思考且有趣的集合品味意識。試圖帶給消費者趣味細緻的服裝細節,以及洗鍊自在的身體美學。

「每一件服裝都像一份量身訂製的禮物, 我們喜歡那種讓人收到禮物後相擁喜悅的感受。」


“Every garment is like a bespoke gift, and we like the feeling of people embrace joys after receiving it.”
UUIN is established in 2015 in Taipei, Taiwan. UUIN emerges from the initials of each team staff’s name as every member contributes his/ her expertise to complement a thoughtful and fun concept.
UUIN’s design originates from local life style in Taiwan, using ‘life is art’ as the design principal, therefore we work closely with local artisans and artists to develop unique and localized products. We would like to illustrate the possibility of bringing functionality and fashion together by sourcing functional textiles produced in Taiwan with skillful pattern making and stitching.
UUIN is presented by three designers. Andrea Liu has 30-year experience in the industry as an haute fashion designer, Tzutsao Liu is a well-known costume designer for music concert, and Van Lin specializes in innovative, functional garment design. Each design member’s first name forms part of UUIN as we intend to deliver fun details and delicate aesthetics.

10345 台北市大同區重慶北路2段46巷56號5樓
(02) 2556-5796
No.56-5F, Ln. 46, Sec. 2, Chongqing N. Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City 103, Taiwan